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  • Words of the Year

    Dear one, did you know that 50% of New Year resolutions fail by the end of January? They don’t work because they’re fueled by shame, regret, and negative behaviors. 

    I challenge you to bless your life this year instead of going down the same path you may have taken every January 1 and making a resolution. 

    What are 1-2 words representing a change you want to make this year? One that gives you vision, direction, and focus to strengthen your walk with Christ. 

    My sister shared a sermon with me 2 years ago that I’ve made a habit of listening to at the beginning of each new year to have a vision of what the new year can hold. In my first year of doing the challenge, I received the words “fearlessly faithful,” it’s the year that God inspired the “Dear Slavic Christian” posts. I never could have imagined leading so many people to come to know the Lord through the ministry of therapy and public speaking via social media that year and beyond.

    Last year’s words were, “Humble obedience,” God used those two to bring me under submission to my husband and church leadership, which has been a healing experience. This year, God’s word on my heart is “holiness.” The weight and responsibility of this word is heavy, recognizing that holiness comes from significant refining and can only be experienced through God’s grace daily. To dedicate myself to loving and serving the Lord alone seems like an impossible task in a selfish world. I recognize that every year since I started this journey, God has been developing me for greater things, and this year is no different. 

    For me to draw closer to Him and join Him in the work that he’s doing around me, I must let go of myself and cling to Him alone. I am waiting with expectation and am choosing to experience Him daily and walk in holiness before Him. He is already exposing the impurities within me that He will cleanse, and for that, I’m grateful. The process of being refined is painful because I as a human don’t want to know all the areas that I’m falling short in but that’s the only way he can be fully glorified in me. 

    Also, I’d love to hear what words God will give you, so please write me, and we can inspire each other to grow closer to Him. Once you receive your word(s), find scriptural references about the same word. Then, ask yourself, “What holds me back from living out this word and having God’s heart?” Finally, pray that God will guide and teach you to live out this word in everything you do this year. 

    So, dear one, if you want to join me in this incredible life-changing journey this year, copy the link below to watch the sermon I’m referring to to receive your word(s).

    *******Note: Start at the 37-minute mark for the message.