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  • Therapy for Slavic Christian Woman

    Dear precious daughter of the King,

    Are you thriving in your identity in Christ, or do you find yourself stuck in depression, anxiety, past trauma, and hurting relationships?

    If you are looking for hope, healing, and freedom-I want to help you get there.

    My name is Ilona Mikhalchuk and I’m a licensed Therapist that specializes in serving Slavic Christian women in WA, ID, SC, FL, and OH. I also serve men and women outside of this cultural group as well as teenagers and children.

    I have been equipped with skills to not only help you and your loved one rebuild your identity in Jesus, I can also help you break chains of generational cycles of abuse, trauma, rejection, and insecurity in your value.

    How will I help you rebuild your identity in jesus? It’s simple, by faith alone and our efforts will follow. 

    First we must start with becoming aware of the lies, negative thoughts, and destructive messages you were told up to this point and write them out. 

    Then we will take all those messages and how you felt during those experiences and bring all of the pain to the cross. 

    After that, we will rewrite your story by internalizing all of God’s truth about you. During this process, what you will recognize to do is discern God’s voice from the voice of the enemy that has been lying to you for years. 

    You will also learn how to rebuke the lies that you have internalized and let them go so they no longer have power over you. When you are able to successfully engage in this process, it will only be a matter of time before you will start feeling the transformation taking place in your body, mind, and spirit.

    By this point in one’s therapy journey, clients share that they’ve never felt so hopeful and excited about the future. They often share that they can’t believe that they’ve experienced transformation so quickly and that the relationships around them and their heart and mind within are changing because they recognize that they have so much value to bring to themselves and their relationships.

    Some people may say, ”Ilona there is no hope for me, I’m too broken, I’m too dirty, I’m too far gone,” I’m here to tell you that there is nobody that is too hopeless for God to redeem. 

    Looking back on my own trauma story and my own healing journey, I could humbly say that if God can redeem somebody like me, he could certainly redeem somebody like you and I don’t even know your story completely.

    Our God is a god of miracles! If he could make dead man come alive, sun burn through the night, and oceans run dry-then he could certainly chacnge your life!

    If this is the hope, freedom, and healing you’re looking for, please contact me for more information and how to get started. The process is waiting for you and is just at your fingertips. I’m here to serve you!