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  • Slavic Christians: War on Sin

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    Are you aware of the spiritual war that’s taking place in your mind, body, spirit, home, marriage, church, and community?

    Angels and demons are both fighting for the eternal state of your soul and that of your loved ones. 

    Demons look like shame, silence, and secrecy.

    These demons are sexual immorality that gives people power over others using sex.

    These demons are fear, isolation, generational sins, and trauma. 

    These demons are protecting one’s image, saving face, pleasing people, and denying the truth.

    I declare a war to start in every home where children have been abused, neglected, molested, and raped by individuals oppressed by these demons.

    I declare war in every home that hides its demons and look “good” when they minister in church but live a double life of hypocrisy outside of it.

    I declare war on the demons of anger that are activated when this post is read by those that have hurt people and told them to stay silent.

    I DECLARE WAR ON OUR MINDS, BODIES, and SPIRITS destroyed by the legalistic, culture-based religious and cult teachings in MANY homes and churches in the Slavic Christian community.

    I declare war on the people that still attack survivors and truth speakers because you still refuse to believe what’s happening around you.

    I fearlessly declare war, knowing that if we don’t repent before God for turning away from Him and allowing these demons to reign on His turf and step into the authority we have been given through the death of Christ on the Cross now, the perpetrators and people pleasers will continue to cover up this sin. We will remain in bondage to them. 

    Fight with me by no longer living in pretense, ignorance, denial, shame, fear, judgment, or silence!

    Make war!! God gave you the power to NO LONGER ACCEPT what has been happening for generations. It’s time to fight for spiritual freedom and for the forces of darkness to be DESTROYED IN JESUS’ NAME!

    The question is will you?

    Will you take responsibility for the part you can play in setting captives free, including yourself or is staying in your comfort zone of familiarity, security, and silence a better option?

    What is the long-term toll of either of these decisions?

    It doesn’t take much to realize that the impact of declaring war and fighting for yourself and your family in the authority of Christ against the enemy means a future of freedom and eternity with Christ. 

    It also doesn’t take much to realize that being apathetic and pretending that we don’t have any problems but submit to them will lead to generations (past, present, and future) of emotional, spiritual, and physical deaths that can be prevented. 

    This war is real and it’s time that we wake up and not only acknowledge it but do something about it: as individuals, families, and as a united community-the Body of Christ. 

     Are you ready to live a life of freedom in Jesus? Which will you choose?