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  • Slavic Christians Surrendering to God

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    The enemy doesn’t attack you in areas you’re strong in, but in the areas that haven’t yet been surrendered to Jesus. Whether it’s your marriage, ministry, body image, trauma, relationships, self-worth, finances, mental health, job, womb, children, goals, vision for your family, etc., every single one of us goes through challenges in these areas that are meant to bring us closer to God in complete surrender if we let Him.

    I’d like to share some of my personal experiences regarding this topic. My husband and I went through many struggles in our marriage that could have brought us to utter failure if I hadn’t surrendered those parts to Christ. You see, we think that we are the providers of our finances, but that’s not the case at all. God is the one who provides everything and pays our bills. 

    When my husband and I moved to a new state to be closer to his family with the arrival of our firstborn son, he struggled to find work in his field of expertise. I became bitter and blamed him and God for something entirely out of his control. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom and recognized that I had been holding on to control in this area that I finally could let go of that control and surrender it to Christ completely. We are now living in the blessing of that surrender, with my husband receiving consistent work from the Lord. 

    Another example is my womb. We struggled to get pregnant for 3 years because of decades of degrading my body due to the trauma I experienced and feeling like nothing good could come of me because of the abuse that I endured. It wasn’t until I surrendered my womb to the Lord and broke the strongholds of trauma, bitterness, death, and hatred of children that I was bound in that God opened my womb and I was able to have our firstborn son. 

    Even in this example, there were so many moments that I had to surrender to Jesus and let His will be done instead of mine. To bring this into context deeper, I wanted a homebirth, but the Lord had different plans, and I struggled to accept those plans for months. I lived in agony and wrestled with the Lord, and it wasn’t until I was stuck between my ego and my son’s life that I recognized just how important it is to let go of what I want and give into what the Lord wants for me. 

    Ultimately, his ways worked out better than mine, and now my son is thriving because of that act of faith. 

    Dear one, what areas do you struggle in that God still needs to take over? What will it take for you to finally surrender Your desires, fears, and challenges to the lord? He won’t take over and lead you in those areas until you give up your control and permit Him to lead you in and through them.

    Are you ready? What obstacles might be in your way?