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  • Slavic Christians and Intrusive thoughts

    Dear Slavic Christian, just because you have an intrusive thought or feeling doesn’t mean you must act on it. Let’s explore this further with a personal example. 

    I’ve struggled all week.

    My negative thoughts preyed on my insecurities. The parts that are vulnerable and healing, satan is touching and trying to prevent them from scabbing over so I can live in freedom.

    From struggling to forgive my parents (again) and trusting that they love me to not accepting God’s love, doubting that His grace is sufficient, and believing that I have to perform to earn it- I lost so many battles because I couldn’t take my thoughts captive. I felt the lies because they’ve been my invisible companions and “truth” for so long that when the truth from Scripture came up, I rejected it.

    You see, I know that scripture says I am a daughter of the one true king. I know he died for my sins, and I am forgiven and free. I know that there’s nothing that I need to do to earn his love because his blood has already proved that. I know that no matter how much I struggle and fall, he’ll always be there to pick me up. My failures do not define me, but I am represented by his love that was shed for me on the cross through his wounds. I know all of these things, yet I still believe the lies of the enemy that tell me “I’m not good enough” in moments of weakness. 

    I could not see the truth until I contacted my moms, sisters, girlfriends, and mentors. God used each of them (and a stranger in a grocery store) to speak His truth and love into my soul. That truth shattered the lies and helped me see again.

    I saw my identity rooted in Him dying on the cross with my sins upon His shoulders. He took my place and did something I could never do. I felt the peace I’d been looking for, replacing the tension I had felt for so long. Most importantly, I experienced validation and support; I wasn’t alone, and nothing was wrong with me. Instead, I repeatedly heard that this is a normal part of being a believer, and my victory was found in receiving His love and truth instead of “cleaning myself up before coming to Him.”

    Dear one, I want to encourage you: come to Jesus. Open your heart for others to speak into your life and point you back to Him when you struggle. He loves you more than anyone else will. The price for your mistakes has already been covered, and now you need to walk with the freedom of that truth. You are not alone. You are not “bad” for struggling. You are enough and accepted by Him. You don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love. I am here to help you. God will use anyone to speak His love to you if you let Him and open your heart to listen.