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  • Slavic Christian Spiritual Battles

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    Imagine this scenario: you are dressed in the Armor of God, facing the demons trying to tear you down and destroy you. Demons of fear, insecurity, shame, trauma, anxiety, depression, and control-demons represent your past sins and mistakes. Demons of multigenerational curses and destructive cycles passed on by your forefathers. 

    Would you cower in their presence or be courageous and fight?

    Would you accept the power of that armor and move forward into battle, receiving victory, or would you let it overtake you?

    Now imagine that previous scenario but with God on your side. 

    Would you let God fight for you as you surrender to His Lordship, or would you try to fight alone?

    Dear one, this image doesn’t have to be your imagination. God gave you the authority to make it your reality.

    When God created you, He wanted nothing more than a relationship with you rooted in love. That love would then be your source of life, hope, and strength. 

    Therefore, to have power from the armor and let God fight for you, you must accept His love first. 

    Accepting His love will not only give you supernatural power to face your greatest fears; His love will redefine your identity to see yourself as a Child of the King instead of a trauma victim, a hopeless and helpless prisoner of your past, and one that is courageous instead of a coward in the presence of your weaknesses.

    When you remember who is on your side and how powerless those demons are because the God of angel armies is on your side, you recognize just how valuable you are in the sight of Christ. You’ll recognize just how much He loves you and has empowered you to step on all of satan’s minions and walk forward unscathed. 

    Dear one, may this be the new image you see when you look at your challenges. There will be many, but none need to define you as His blood should. None of them have power over you unless you give them that power. None of them can tear you down unless you believe they do and allow them to. 

    Here’s another bit of encouragement if you’re struggling to believe me. No matter how often you engage in a spiritual battle and feel like you’ve lost the fight-remember who already won the war. 

    You see, dear Slavic Christian, when Christ said, “It is finished,” He meant, “Dear one, your debt has been paid by my blood. You no longer have to be ashamed of your past because I’ve covered them with my sacrifice. You no longer have to define yourself by what’s been done to you, you can define yourself by my unconditional love that was demonstrated for you while you were still a sinner. You no longer have to fear because I am with you and will never leave your side. Dear one, I want you to understand how much I love you. What else will it take for you to accept me?”