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  • Slavic Christian Singles and Purity

    Dear Slavic Christian Single,

    You may have heard the verse written in Song of Solomon 8:4 that says, “Daughters of Jerusalem, I tell you do not arouse or awaken love until the time is right.”

    But do you know the value and power or this warning?

    I want to go deeper into it with the following example from Scripture. 

    Genesis 39 tells us about the Story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife.

    Joseph is sold into slavery, taken to Egypt, and purchased to be a slave in Potiphar’s house. Over time, he gains his owner’s trust and authority over the household. Then Potiphar’s wife notices that Joseph is “well-built and handsome” (Genesis 39:6), and asks him to sleep with her. 

    What does Joseph do? He says no-repeatedly and then runs.

    Here’s a young, handsome man who understood the importance of not engaging in sexual sin and saving physical intimacy for marriage. He understood his value and identity and God and that helped him not give in to a temporary temptation when no one was around. 

    In my work with single people they often ask two questions: Should I wait for marriage to have sex? Is it worth it?

    The answer’s “yes”

    Let me share why:

    What both of these scriptures are saying is that there is a right and wrong time for love. It’s the right time when you’ve developed the maturity to invest your body, mind, and spirit into a godly marriage and have the desire to honor another person selflessly (like we heard in the first part of this sermon).

    It’s the wrong time when you’re seeking to be in a relationship for your own pleasure and are not ready to honor God’s intention for marriage: exclusive commitment to one personselfless service, mutual pleasure, and procreation

    We live in a world that is so quick to “hook up” for temporary satisfaction and if you’re not satisfied at any moment, you can walk away. I want to challenge these unhealthy messages by reminding us that God created us for one spouse.  

    I work with many Slavic men and women who turn to sex for the satisfaction of a longing soul apart from Christ. Across the board, they are running from something that they don’t want to confront and hope that a temporary sexual “high” will satisfy them. 

    Sadly they’re left even more empty.

    What if that’s how sex was meant to be apart from God?

    Christopher West says, “Why was Christ so compassionate towards sexual sinners, especially women? Think of the woman caught in adultery. Think of the prostitute who wept at his feet. Could it be because Christ knew that these women, who had been deceived by counterfeit lovers, were actually looking for him, the true Bridegroom?”

    What a powerful way of redeeming what the enemy meant for destruction, right?

    So dear reader, ask yourself 3 questions:

    1. Am I waiting for someone to complete me or am I thriving in my identity in Christ now?

    2. Am I seeking a relationship to fulfill a hurting or lonely part of me or to bring the Lord praise through?

    3. Do I believe God can provide a spouse for me in His timing?