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  • Slavic Christian Married Sex Life

    Good, healthy, passionate, mutually satisfying, deeply connected sex (the way God designed it to be) doesn’t begin with the sexual act itself.

    It begins with two people connected on a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and relational level.

    Intimacy is defined as “To know and be known.”

    Dear Slavic Christian, what does it mean to know and be known to you?

    It begins with caring, connecting, serving, leading, and following. It is about commitment, trust, openness, vulnerability, respect, and faithfulness.

    It’s more than two naked bodies. It’s about two souls taking down their guards, walls, and masks, and allowing the other to see them physically and beyond at their most raw moment.

    It’s about communicating your fears, hopes, dreams, and concerns, fearlessly trusting that your spouse will hold it all and support you in whatever you need without judgment. 

    This intimacy isn’t just limited to two lovers.

    It also involves connecting to the greatest Lover, Christ Himself. Our Creator, Redeemer, Savior, Friend, Healer, etc. 

    Dear couples, the only way your sex life can be this good is if you let Christ see your nakedness (body, mind, and spirit) and let Him love and accept every part of you. Then and only then will you allow another human to do the same without fear of shame, judgment, punishment, or rejection.

    Do you want to be completely exposed, or will you keep your mask on?

    If you wonder why your love life is struggling, this may be why.

    If you’re wondering why your relationship with Christ is struggling, this may be why.

    You will bond to yourself and your fear until you feel safe in your body and your relationship with yourself and Christ. 

    Until you allow yourself to surrender to love, accepting it from Christ and giving it to others, you will feel lonely, afraid, and isolated.

    I want you to ask yourself, “Is staying guarded serving a purpose that I want to continue to live with?

    Is it worth placing your identity in things that are tearing you apart instead of things that can give you precisely what you’re looking for: love, acceptance, security, peace, hope, forgiveness, joy, care, etc.?

    How long do I want the strongholds and chains of fear, shame, secrecy, silence, and judgment to hold me back from loving Christ and my spouse and being loved by them in return?

    I have hope for you. Today is a really good day to break free from the chains that hold you back.

    How can you do that on a practical level?

    Dear one, it starts by bringing all these areas of pain to the Cross. Jesus came to pay the price for your sins and pain so you no longer have to carry them yourself. 

    But do you believe it to receive it?

    What will it take for you to do so so you can thrive in the love that He wants to give you, physically, emotionally, and sexually, through His sacrifice and the spouse He gave you to love?