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  • Slavic Christian mom and dad

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    Your kids don’t need you to die for them; they need you to show them how to live and love like Jesus loved.

    They need you to model God’s love, have joy, internalize peace, be kind and non-discriminatory towards His other children who don’t look like you, have forgiveness, patience, healthy emotional expression, speak about your needs, and set boundaries.

    They need to see you thriving as a Child of the King to understand why having a relationship with their Savior is essential. They need to know they exist to give His love away to people in and outside of church instead of being a benchwarmer or a Sunday Christian.

    They need to see us going to a therapist and getting help when we get triggered instead of taking our triggers out on them and saying, “You made mommy yell and hit you because you didn’t listen. You must do what I say instead of copying what I do.”

    They must know that God loves people of all colors and backgrounds, not just Russian or Ukrainian-speaking.

    They need to see mom and dad on one page instead of arguing about how to care for them or making them choose a side during conflict among themselves.

    They need to see us going to the doctors and the police when we don’t feel safe or something hurts.

    They must see your marriage be healthy and understand why being “equally yoked” is essential.

    They need to see that their parents have a good relationship with grandma and grandpa so that they feel safe around them and want a relationship with them too.

    They need to see mom respecting herself and walking away instead of letting daddy beat or cheat on her.

    They need to see Daddy go to work and come home to spend time with Mom and the kids instead of escaping to church, his phone, a bottle, his room, his friends, or a computer afterward.

    They need to see Mom and Dad say “sorry” after a disagreement instead of Dad stomping out of the house, slamming the door behind him, or saying he won’t come back.

    They need to see mommy and daddy serving in the church and opening their home to strangers instead of thinking they’re better than others and expecting to be served and invited like royalty.

    They need to see Mom honoring Dad instead of controlling, criticizing, or complaining and wondering why they treat her the same way.

    Children need our hugs, praise, kisses, forgiveness, and humility if we want them to see Christ in us.

    They don’t need our money, cars, toys, or vacations if their lives at home or in public don’t show Jesus. We don’t even need to treat them like our best friends. We need to nurture them into the likeness of Christ and, in that, receive the glory and praise for being good stewards of the precious resource God gave us when He chose us to be our children’s parents. 

    Let this sink in…