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  • Slavic Christian loved unconditionally

    Dear Slavic Christian men, 

    A father’s love on Earth is the most remarkable example of our heavenly father’s love.

    Some men do it well and set their children up for success with security, love, acceptance, a sense of protection, provision, affection, etc., and some fathers withhold love and leave their children longing for the rest of their lives.

    My husband grew up in a healthy family and can give love to our son out of the abundance of love he continues to receive from his father.

    I, on the other hand, grew up with a father who was authoritarian in his discipline practices, withheld love when I didn’t do what he wanted- the way he wanted it to be done, and rejected me when expressed my individual needs or desires. 

    This hurt me for years until I understood my identity and value in my heavenly father. 

    You see, when you grow up hearing statements such as, “If you don’t do ________, you are no longer welcome to live under my roof. If you do _______ you are no longer my daughter,” it breaks you. 

    It broke me. 

    The product of these threats became fearing, avoiding, and hating men. Praying that I wouldn’t attract anyone who might hurt or control me “like Dad did,” I lost a sense of identity and self-acceptance. I rejected myself the way he modeled. I repressed my emotions because he’d “give me something to cry about.”

    The healing began when I discovered the heart of God through the Gospel. 

    I never knew I was loved so profoundly to the point where all my past, present, and future sins were forgiven. I was loved no matter what I did or didn’t do either. My dad had a way of keeping a record of our wrongs and being easily angered that I thought God was the same; therefore, I wanted nothing to do with Him. 

    Little did I know that getting to know Him would change my life and give me the love I’ve always sought from my father. 

    Dear one, this same love is available for you today. This unconditional forgiveness and acceptance concept is still available if you’re willing to receive it. 

    Not only that, I also pray that daddies everywhere will choose to turn their hearts towards their children and show them just how blessed we parents are to have these little miracles to pass on our legacy of faith and love to.

    Children did not ask to come into this world; we did. Just like we didn’t tell God to create us, He did it because of His beautiful love towards us. 

    I want to encourage you, dear Slavic Christian reader, that it’s never too late to love your children or accept the love of Jesus into your own heart to love your family deeper. Please give the love you had, and if you didn’t like me, please choose to love based on Christ’s love at the Cross. That love has changed my life; I pray it does the same for you.