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  • Slavic Christian Freedom in Christ

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    Christ paid the ransom for your life to set you free from satan’s grasp. You’re liberated because of His sacrifice. 

    What does this mean for you? Let’s start at the beginning. 

    A ransom is “a sum of money, or other payment demanded (or paid) for the release of a prisoner.”

    You and I are that prisoner, dear one. We were born into a sinful world, having a selfish, carnal ego that tries to be in control constantly. Our ego hates God and separates us from Him if we let it have power over us.

    What prison are we stuck in, you might be asking? Sin, shame, fear, control, people pleasing, secrets, silence, a victim mindset, hopelessness, helplessness, defeat, pride, abuse, jealousy, comparison, people pleasing, resentment, insecurity, trauma, loneliness, self-isolation, gossip, perfectionism, judgment, addictions, anger, superiority, etc.

    Have you walked out of the prison cell that you’ve been held captive in?

    Or are you continuously fighting by yourself and losing these battles that still hold you back from the abundant life that God created for you?

    Do you believe Christ took all of the above on the Cross so you no longer have to carry them on your own back? Or are you still holding onto them because they have become your identity?

    What would it be like to place your identity in what He says about you instead?

    Have you accepted His gift of life, freedom, and forgiveness? Are you living in that joy and sharing it with others?

    You might wonder why I am prodding you by asking all these questions.

    Dear one, all these questions have a purpose: to get you to consider the current circumstances that separate you from the love you’re longing for and do not have yet.

    It’s not too late to accept the Lord as your personal Savior, trust Him to take over your life and let go of your baggage. You were never meant to be held in a life sentence for your struggles. They were given as a test to see what you would do when the Christian walk becomes tough. 

    Are you staying faithful during the examination process in the fire meant to purify you, or are you holding onto these traits and experiences, not letting Christ in?

    I’ve heard clients say that they have been” broken for so long, they don’t know who they would be if they walked in the freedom and love of Christ.”

    Others have said that “sin, pain, shame, and trauma have been their source of comfort for so long, they don’t trust that God is strong enough to handle it.”

    Sadly, when these messages become one’s daily mantra, they become imprisoned to the enemy’s lies that speak to them this way and don’t want to accept the hope, peace, love, acceptance, and forgiveness that is available for free. 

    So, dear one, may you ponder these questions and recognize where you stand in Christ. Freedom is yours today. Accept Him when you’re ready.