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  • Reconciliation

    The vision for my business in 2024 is simple: “Experience God through Reconciliation.”In the first month of this new year, God has uprooted conscious and unconscious sin in my body, mind, and spirit more than I’ve allowed Him to do in the previous 30 years.

    He has nudged me to apologize to everyone I’ve held an offense against and started the process of reconciling those relationships. This occurred after I watched a powerful testimony of a man who held offenses through which satan entered and began oppressing him. This testimony opened my eyes, and I realized the same had happened. 

    In this process of living in holiness as my “word of the year,” I am reminded that I exist for only two things: to have a loving relationship with Him and to join Him in telling everyone about His love. 

    I do not exist for myself or to please man but to glorify Christ alone. This is liberating because when I live for Christ, I can focus on Him instead of how people make me feel. I also learned that I need to take my thoughts captive instead of believing every thought and letting the lies break me down. 

    This humbling, cleansing journey has brought so much hope about what can happen for every client who allows God to take over, and it has to start with me first. I must allow God to cleanse me if I want to see cleansing in my clients’ lives and the greater community. His greatest desire is to reconnect us back to Him, and I’ve been standing in His way all along by doing the opposite and, sadly, encouraging others to do the same. 

    This concept of reconciliation was brought to my attention when I saw a therapist on social media sharing how she’s noticed that more therapists are encouraging their clients to be estranged from their parents. I felt guilty because I taught my clients to do this, and I’ve done the same with my parents. 

    Thankfully, our God is the God of 1,000,000+ chances and loves us more than we can ever love Him and one another. All these experiences have been God’s way of communicating with me and showing me the value of relationships and the damage of hurting one another. 

    This has become my goal: that every person I serve experience the love of Jesus and be transformed like never before. To receive this transformation, individuals will have to act in faith and vulnerability to let go of the pain they’ve carried to protect themselves, believing that the sacrifice of the old is worth receiving what God has in store for them.

    Dear soul, if you or someone you love seeks hope, freedom, healing, forgiveness, strength, joy, love, acceptance, identity, purpose, and restoration, you will receive that in our work. You will no longer live estranged; your relationships can be redeemed and restored when the most significant relationship in your life is healed. Whenever you’re ready, reach out, and I would be honored to serve you.