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  • Discover your Identity in Christ Course

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    Do you know why God created you specifically?

    Do you know why He gave up His life for you?

    If your answer is “yes,” then your identity in Christ is set and you don’t have to read the rest of the blog.

    But if you answered “no,” then you’ve come to the right place. 

    You exist because a loving God thought of you before time and created you in His image.

    God created YOU specifically because He wants a relationship with you.

    He gave up His life to show you that you are valuable, your life is meaningful, and He wants you to tell others about that precious love.

    Do you believe it and live like it?

    Have you accepted the love of Jesus as your personal Savior?

    If not, what’s standing in your way?

    Maybe your blocks from doing so have to do with what you’ve been told about your identity: that you’re not good enough to be loved, that you have to earn love through your performance, that you’ve made too many mistakes for God to want you and until you are perfect and never make another mistake, you’ll never be accepted…

    What if none of those messages are true, and what if none are from Christ?

    Would you believe me and want to know what HE SAYS ABOUT YOU?

    What if I told you that when you discover how HE sees you, you’ll see yourself radically differently?

    You’ll see yourself as beautiful, worthy, beloved, perfect, forgiven, holy, righteous, etc?

    Who would you be if you lived this way?

    My NEW COURSE was created for people searching for their identity, just like you.

    I’ve experienced this transformation when God taught me all of the above, and I’ve been helping hundreds of other clients discover this same truth and live like it.

    I went from absorbing the lies of the enemy to discovering and being liberated by God’s truth about me through His Word, which changed my life. I now hold onto the promises of WHO HE SAYS I AM instead of what my insecurities may be saying. 

    Life with Christ isn’t easy, and the battles still come daily but imagine how much more fulfilling it is to know that you’re not alone in the fight for your faith and that there is a love that has already redeemed you from the chains that once held you captive.  

    If this is a life that you want, please click the link below to start your journey of discovering your identity in Him today.

    This course content has changed the lives of many who have entrusted Christ with their identity, and I want you to experience the same love, joy, grace, and freedom Christ offers.

    Go ahead and take a leap of faith, the journey towards discovering your identity in Christ is yours when you’re ready! The link is attached below, I’m excited for you to embark on this life-changing season.