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  • Identity in Christ Course

    Whether it’s fear of the unknown, shame if someone were to find out what you’ve done, invalidation if you told people what you’ve been through…there are so many reasons why many individuals stay in their pain: it’s the most safe, comfortable, and familiar place to be sometimes.

    “Would I be accepted if I was no longer silent about my trauma?”

    “Who would I be if my identity no longer lied in my past mistakes and failures?”

    “Would I get punished for speaking up about the abuse?”

    “Would I get hurt again if I opened up and let love in again?”

    “Would God care for me if I trusted Him with my pain?”

    These are all valid questions and fears that many of my clients come to therapy with, which I try to normalize and help them process one at a time.

    You see, dear Slavic Christian reader until you recognize that you are thinking and feeling this way, you won’t be able to process through your experiences. If we take it one step further, when these thoughts and feelings are normalized, clients feel like they’re not alone in their pain and can connect with others about it, thus receiving healing even further. 

    As we gain awareness about our experiences, validate them, and normalize our responses to them as usual instead of “crazy,” the walls of invalidation, fear, shame, judgment, and silence fall, one by one. The fears turn to hope, the anxiety to peace, the shame to validation, the self-rejection to accepting God’s love and having security in Him.

    Dear one, therapy can heal you on many spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational levels. Yet, if therapy is frightening, I’ve created another resource you can use to receive help. It’s in the form of a self-paced course that I’ve included a link for below. 

    The material is loaded with the skills, exercises, and step-by-step guides to receive the hope, healing, and transformation you desire. Exercises to help you become aware of the limiting beliefs that hold you back from thriving in your identity and purpose in Christ, releasing all your pain at the cross and moving forward in the security of who you are in Him, as well as skills to help you break down generational curses and strongholds that you may not have even been aware have been holding you back. 

    Hundreds of clients have tested and applied these skills throughout my years in private practice. Those who have taken advantage of the course and implemented the skills have experienced tremendous transformations they never thought possible. They are more secure in their identity in Christ. Their relationship with themselves and others has also experienced healing and changes, including enforcing boundaries and expressing their feelings and needs because they finally understand that they have value and deserve to live in it. 

    If this is something that you are interested in, today is your day to reach out and grab that hope and healing available.