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  • Healing for Slavic Christian Women

    Every single client has to come to the point of saying, “I can no longer handle the pain and problem on my own, I’m willing to do everything I can to reduce the suffering” for change to take place. 

    Are you at that point yet? Maybe it’s low self-worth? Maybe the thoughts are killing you and saying “You’re not good enough.” 

    What are you doing about it? Are you just taking it every day, saying, “You know what, I must not be good enough. Nothing’s going to change. No one’s going to love me, and no one’s going to care. I will always be this miserable.”

     As long as you think and feel this way, these messages will be the trajectory that your life will take. 

    Here’s the opposite side of the coin. One might say, “I don’t feel like I’m good enough, but I know that there are people that can help me get out of this mess.”

    Yes! That’s precisely the type of thinking in clients that I love to see. Those are the ones that make it. 

    What’s the difference?

     The difference lies in the victim mindset that says, “I cannot, and no matter what, nothing’s going to change.” 

    Then there is a champion mindset that says, “I cannot, but that’s okay because I’m going to get connected to people who have the skills and resources that can help me change.” 

    Dear reader, I am that skill and resource that you’re looking for. It is my job to set you free from all of those thoughts that say, “Nothing’s going to change.” I am the one that’s going to help you transform your life through the love and wisdom of Christ.

    So, do you want to be transformed? Do you want to see changes in your life? Who will you be if your life will change? Are you going to engage in the same thought patterns that destroyed you previously?

    Are you going to put yourself in the same situations that leave you feeling hopeless, helpless, and insecure? 

    Here’s the thing, to succeed in therapy, changes need to happen, and they need to last. They can only last if you have the right skills and you can only have the right skills if you’ve got the right person giving you those skills. The difference between me and any other therapist is I am a therapist that’s led by Christ. I’ve got a Christian education, plenty of experience working with Slavic, Christian women, and I also have the Holy Spirit guiding me. 

    There have been countless moments when I prayed before a session and said, “Lord, speak to me and speak through me.” 

    Throughout my sessions my clients would say, “Oh my goodness, that topic has been on my heart for so long, but I didn’t know how to bring it up. I’ve been struggling with that pain for so long, but I didn’t know how to talk about it with anybody. Thank you for bringing it up.” That’s what it means to be led by the spirit. 

    It’s the Holy Spirit that’s going to do the healing, I’m just a vessel, someone to encourage you. 

    If you’re looking for healing. 

    If you desire a connection with the Holy Spirit, reach out to me. 

    Reach out if you’re willing to trust Christ and I to do the work. 

    Reach out if you’re willing to change. 

    When all of these criterias are met, I’ll be here to serve and transform lives like yours.