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  • Healing after abuse for Slavic Christian women

    Feels like we, Slavic women, have been holding our breaths, trying to still our restless, anxious hearts with the messages we’ve been told, the treatment we’ve endured, and the secrets we’ve kept.

    Women have heard, “Rock this boat [of speaking about trauma, abuse, infidelity], and you just might drown with it. Don’t tell anyone what you’re going through; bear your cross. Be obedient and submissive to honor God, your spouse, and/or parent [the abuser].”

    Dear reader, has this been your reality?

    If you answered yes and you’re ready to move forward in freedom, hang on-I’m about to give you hope that can change your life.

    Everything hangs on your next steps of letting the pain and trauma continue or finally beginning to do something to make it stop.

    So dear daughter of the King, let me empower you to find your voice and help you play your part by speaking up. 

    Step 1: Find strength and shelter beneath God’s love and truth. You already have favor in His eyes.

    How can you do that?

    Understand that your value comes from the sacrifice on the Cross instead of in your abusive partner’s words. 

    Step 2: Honesty comes with a price. There’s a time to hold your tongue, time to keep your head down, there’s a time, but it’s not now.

    Sometimes you have to go into places you’ve feared with the hope that you will receive help. That may be to the doctor’s office and show your bruises or call the police to report the threats against your life. Sometimes you have to speak when you don’t have the floor. Maybe you have to move when everybody else says you should stay in the pain and tolerate it. This may look like separating from your spouse and seeking professional help for yourself-regardless of whether or not your abuser will ever acknowledge the pain they inflicted or ever get help for themselves. 

    Step 3: Stand apart from the crowd, or in this case, your family, community, or church, before your heart could risk perishing silently in your pain. 

    How? By leaning on a healthy support system, potentially even a women’s group, shelter, or victims advocate agency, to rise back on your feet again. 

    Dear beloved creation, you were born for an abundant life; it’s time you have it. You’re not alone in your pain-there are thousands of others that have gone before you and have made it out, only to be happier and healthier on the other side. 

    Dear reader, there’s freedom, there’s hope, and more importantly, there’s a brand new identity and rich purpose that’s ready for you to step into. Are you ready to get started?

    If you desire this hope and fresh start, please reach out to me for support. I specialize in serving hurting hearts like yours and helping you discover the beautiful life Christ came to give that you can start having today. 

    You just have to take a leap of faith and give me a call. 

    Are you ready? Let’s go!