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  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day to every mama:

    To the first-time mama

    To the one who’s lost one baby (or more) to miscarriage, stillbirth, illness, etc

    To the one who is currently nurturing new life under her heart

    To the mama who has one and is longing for more 

    To the mama who had babies through IVF, IUI, etc

    To the one who is praying for a baby and doesn’t want to engage in treatment because she’s waiting on the Lord

    To the fur mama who dreams of carrying a human baby

    To the exhausted mama who feels lonely

    To a mama who has (grand and great-grandbabies)

    To the single mama

    To a trauma survivor mama, divorced-to protect-her-babies mama, or abuse recovery mama

    To the mama who feels rejected and misunderstood by her spouse, children, church, family, or community

    To the mama creating new cycles to give her babies better than what she had…



    I see you, I hear you, I know (some of) you, I see your tears, and I hear your heart. I’ve been there, and I want to encourage you: Don’t give up hope. Keep trusting and praying, and God will give you a miracle in due time, like He did for me, if it is His will. He hears every prayer and collects every tear of pain. 

    Being a mother is an honor. It is the most incredible privilege to be married to a healthy spouse who knows the Lord and raises one’s child in this environment. 

    Being a mama is the most demanding job yet also the most fulfilling. No matter how career-oriented you may be, motherhood will fulfill you even more. 

    It is something you “get to do,” not something you should take for granted. Babies are created and given to us by God. He also chooses who will receive them and who He will not give them to. Every child’s life has a purpose, and nurturing them to fulfill that purpose that he instilled in their hearts should be our greatest calling. 

    How you love your babies will have the most significant impact on their lives and eternal souls. You and your spouse can set your children up for success or failure. 

    Being a healthy mama requires daily prayer and reading the Word to take the thoughts of “not being good enough” captive. It takes a village of girlfriends and mentors to live out the calling well.

    It requires one to be close to the Lord and accept His love daily to give it away to those we were entrusted to steward.

    Our job is to disciple and raise pastors, future mothers, evangelists, fathers, worship leaders, prophets, businessmen, doctors, teachers, and servants.

    May our children look up to us and see Jesus in how we love and forgive.

    Please continue to nurture your soul and identity in Him, and He will give you the desires of your heart because they’re His desires for you.