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  • Dear Slavic Christian, you’re no longer a slave of fear

    You’ve probably heard the song, “I’m no longer a slave of fear, I am a child of God.” (Bethel Music)

     I want you to imagine internalizing these lyrics right now…

    “I’m no longer a slave of fear, I am a child of God. He split the seas so I could walk right through them. My fears are drowned in perfect love. He rescued me so I could stand and say, ‘I am a child of God.’”

    Dear Slavic Christian, if you’re looking for love, if you’re looking for acceptance, belonging, strength, courage, and hope, God alone is where you’ll find it. 

    As a Slavic Christian therapist, I’ve served many believers and non-believers, and here’s one thing I’ve learned: People come into therapy broken, but as soon as we touch on the subject that each individual is created as a child of God, fear melts away, and hope enters the room. 

    I want to extend the same hope to you dear believer. Not only are you created by Him, but you were also created to have a relationship with Him. You were created to bring Him glory, and out of this beautiful, loving relationship, He loves you and wants love from you in return. It’s as simple as that. 

    Our flesh may overcomplicate this truth and say, “But what if He asks me to do what I don’t want to? What if He asks me to give up the things I love? What if He asks me to go where I don’t want to go and spend time with people I don’t like?” 

    Dear believer, these are all great questions! He very well may ask you to do all of the above. 

    Imagine you bearing a child that you love and adore. Out of the goodness of your heart and knowledge of what is best for your child, you ask them to engage in a relationship with you where you get to share each other’s likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. You let them have freedom with the desire that they will choose to always come back to your love. 

    Isn’t that reasonable to ask of the child that you love dearly?

    God is the same way. He conceived us out of love for us. He gave birth to us and gave us a purpose and identity to nurture, but are we willing to do it all in harmony with Him?

    God split the seas so you can walk right through them. Your fears are drowned in His perfect love. Isn’t that the very thing you desire in your life anyway? Isn’t that the same thing that you’d want for your child?

    Yes, there will be moments in your relationship with Christ where it won’t be comfortable. There will be moments when it won’t be easy. But He’s going to be there with you.

    In moments of difficulty, hope will arise in your heart if you put your trust in Him. You can confidently say, “I AM A CHILD OF GOD!” 

    May you stand firmly and believe these words. May you accept this truth as if He Himself speaks it into your heart. You’re no longer who you’ve been. You’re no longer a product of your mistakes. You’re no longer made of the gossip of what anyone else says about you. 

    He says, “My child, you are loved. You are chosen. You are not forsaken. You are the child I bore and gave up my life for.”

    Dear one, believe that truth and receive that love today.