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  • Dear Slavic Christian, you were created to thrive

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    God didn’t cause you to struggle with your sexuality. He didn’t create you to be infertile, an alcoholic, addicted to porn, have an eating disorder, worry about your children, live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet, be beaten by your husband or cheated on by your wife. He created you to reign as His righteous Child in this life and the next. 

    Despite the pain, sin, and grief being revealed and experienced in my community, I want to be a voice of hope, healing, grace, faith, love, and transformation instead.

    Dear one, no matter what you’ve struggled with, that is not who you are. That is not where your identity should lie. That does not define you.

    Who defines you is Him.

    He’s the one who made you and died for you. He’s the one who walks on streets of gold and answers every prayer you have as long as it honors His plan for your life.

    He doesn’t want you longing for babies and not giving them to you. I’ve been there, too. I came to Him knowing how much He loves me, and He healed me from infertility and gave me a miraculous son.

    He’s generous and owns cattle on a thousand hills. He just wants you to open your hands and release all that you are hoarding or fear surrendering and instead accept the love, grace, fulfillment, peace, hope, joy, and abundance He has in His heavenly storehouses. 

    He didn’t create me to be identified by the trauma I experienced. He allowed it to be my testimony and bring others to Him. (I know that’s hard for many to believe, but remember, He’s God and can do anything He pleases with you if it brings Him glory). My pain was functional. He used it to help me start a business where I help other survivors heal and become victorious in their new identity in Him.

    He doesn’t want me struggling with destructive thoughts and behaviors. Once again, I laid them at His feet and was filled with His truth about me instead. Now, I walk in freedom and help others do the same.

    I give these keys of freedom, hope, love, and truth to everyone seeking and hungry to receive.

    Everything that’s His is yours through the sacrifice on the Cross.

    You no longer have to be broke, abused, rejected, wounded, ill, afraid, alone, etc.

    You could be safe, accepted, healed, whole, healthy, wealthy, provided for, etc.

    Dear one, reach out to me and let’s start your healing journey in therapy, where you can also have these victories and abundant life in your Father’s love.

    The life I’ve been living ever since I discovered this truth in His Word through a friend has changed my life, and I’m on a mission to give this hope away to all who will listen and receive it. TOday is an excellent day for you to start living in freedom if you’re ready. 

    Are you?