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  • Dear Slavic Christian, will you let God love you?

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    If you look at God through the lens of your relationship with your parents, you will struggle to love, trust, and accept His love. 

    God is unlike your mom and dad in the painful, rejecting, critical, conditional, unforgiving, impatient, angry, and/or dissatisfied sense.

    Nothing surprises Him, and nothing you do will make Him run from you (besides you consciously walking away from Him).

    His love is so crazy and insane that He will love you when you yell (and even swear or try to push Him away). Trust me, I’ve regretfully done it in my weakest moments of pain, and it never scared Him or made Him love me less.

    My vulnerability makes His love more apparent.

    Let me share this experience with an example. 

    My husband has struggled with launching his new business for the last two years. I became bitter and angry at my spouse and God for “not providing” like the Jehovah Jireh He is. I complained, cursed, yelled, cried, and even tried to walk away from Him because “He failed me.” You see, a woman’s greatest need is for love and security. And if I didn’t have the second, it also felt like I didn’t have the first. 

    The crazy part is that no matter how often I treated Him according to all the above, he never changed. He never rejected, cursed, condemned, ran away, punished, or withheld His love for me (like I experienced my parents doing). On the contrary, it’s almost like expressing my vulnerable thoughts and feelings made Him feel more loving and close. 

    I couldn’t believe it. I was expecting Him to throw a “lightning rod, smite me, or send me to hell in that instant,” but He didn’t, and I’m still here to testify about it. 

    I’m not saying that you should follow in my footsteps and test God the way that I did, but may my testimony encourage you firsthand by showing that He is truly nothing like the humans we know. 

    His love comes close when others have run in the past.

    That’s what makes Him different: He’s not human and thin-skinned. He doesn’t take things personally or is conditional in His love towards us. He is the stability we’ve never known, a love that never rejected or was disappointed by us because of our shortcomings.

    His love chose to die for sinners like you and I. No one else could love or forgive someone for doing what I did, and truthfully, I can see why not because I wouldn’t be able to do it either. 

    But that’s what makes His love so unique. It’s unconditional, graceful, patient, kind, and not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. His love always trusts, perseveres, and hopes, even when we have given up. 

    But is this love something you even desire, or is chasing “love” from others something that still satisfies you? 

    Dear one, will you give this Crazy Love a chance and let Him in?