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  • Dear Slavic, Christian, imagine never passing down cycles of abuse to your children?

    Dear Slavic Christian, 

    Did you know that the family dynamics you grew up with and have shaped your thoughts, feelings, and actions up to this point don’t have to be the same patterns you continue within your own life, marriage, and family?

    Did you know that the strongholds of abuse, infidelity, shame, fear, addiction, neglect, and trauma have already been broken by the death of Jesus at the Cross?

    But do you believe it and live in that freedom or do you still tell yourself, “I must be the change in my family; I must do something to make the problems stop, I must break the chains myself.”

    The truth is, on your own and apart from Christ, you don’t have the power to set yourself free. 

    On the other hand, if you accept the freedom that was already given to you by His victory, you and your family can heal from past wounds and have a redeemed present and vibrant future.

    Want to find out how to experience this freedom? Come to therapy, and I’ll help you.


    This invitation to help you discover your identity and redeem your story is an exciting one! You see, therapy is defined as “healing of the soul,” and I want to help you develop a healthy sense of self where you’ll learn how to absorb no longer what happened to you. 

    You’re no longer the sum of your past mistakes or the trauma your body can’t forget. 

    You’ll instead be able to notice and observe the triggers of the memories you experienced, understand that they no longer define who you are, and will become a new, renewed, healthy individual. 

    This spiritual transformation will change how you interact with your spouse, children, and even your parents. 

    I say this because change is personal and I’ve been through it myself. Everything I will teach you, He has brought me through and has equipped me to share with you. 


    Another truth the clients discover is you can’t change anyone but yourself. That said, if you accept healing at the Cross, you will change, and that healing will naturally ripple into those you love. This change will also restore your emotional, physical, and financial health.

    Healing is holistic for that reason. 

    Imagine your marriage being full of love, grace, and forgiveness like Jesus extended to you instead of possessing bitterness and resentment as you saw demonstrated between your parents.

    Imagine being so patient with your children the way Christ was (as is) towards you daily.

    You’ll learn all this and more!

    You’ll also learn how to speak up for yourself, set boundaries that will be respected because of the new way you’ll approach them, and be able to self-soothe when feeling emotionally escalated instead of coping in destructive ways like you may have done before.

    This is possible, and it happens with my clients on the daily who have reached out for help.

    So change your life story by acknowledging the pain you’ve experienced and get help! God already gave you freedom, now come and receive it!