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  • Dear Slavic, Christian, have you accepted Jesus’ love yet?

    Dear Slavic, Christian, 

    You’ve probably heard it said a million times. And for the millionth and first time I want to say it again, “The only thing that you exist for is to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and the only thing that He wants from you is exactly that-to love Him in return.”

    That means, no matter how much you do to earn God’s love, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made to lose it, no matter how much money you’ve gained to run away from it, no matter how much kids you’ve bore to prove yourself, no matter what job you have to escape it, no matter what kind of ministry you serve in to “deserve” it-NONE OF IT MATTERS.

    Let that sink in for a second before reading on….

    Forget everything you’ve ever heard about earning God’s love and just accept this ONE TRUTH: “THE ONLY THING that my God wants from me is my heart, and the only thing I need to do for him is accept His love that He showed me on the cross.”

     If you do this, you will experience the greatest joy you’ve ever known You will finally know the greatest peace you’ve ever sought.

    How can it be so simple? Because that’s who Christ is! That’s why He was born in a manger instead of a castle. That’s why He hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors instead of the elite Pharisees. That’s why He died on the Cross instead of putting someone else in His place. He came to this earth to have a relationship with you and every other human around you.

    Dear reader, He DID THIS FOR YOU AND ME. PERIOD.

    If love could be gained by anything else, your righteousness would be based on what you did instead of who He was and He wants to make sure that doesn’t happen. 


    Is this sinking in for you?

    The best news I’ve received in my entire life has been this! I no longer have to do anything to prove myself or earn God’s love, I just have to accept it and THAT makes me enough. I’m covered by the blood of Jesus instead of my own good works and THAT makes me enough. 

    Dear precious soul, I pray that these words and this truth sink in for you today. You no longer have to live in shame, sin, condemnation, past mistakes, trauma, a victim mindset, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, or fear. You simply need to ACCEPT this truth and live it out in faith-that’s it!

    Those financial successes, relationships, dreams, and big plans that you have for your life will come if it is His will. But first, you’ve got to seek Him and let yourself be identified by His love for you. Then, and only then will you be satisfied with your existence and will live out the purpose that you were created for. 

    The question is, will you accept His love so freely and trust in Him?