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  • Dear Slavic, Christian, do you want to accept the love of Jesus?

    Dear Slavic, Christian believer, 

    What is the one thing that keeps you from seeking the presence of the Lord? What if I told you that nobody else stands in your way from seeking Him, having a relationship with him, loving him, and giving up your life to Him, besides you?

    The only thing that stands in the way of feeling complete love and satisfaction in Christ is fear, doubt, guilt, shame… maybe even the fear of abandonment or rejection. 

    Maybe people have misrepresented God and you told yourself, “If that’s what God looks like, sounds like, acts like-I don’t want anything to do with Him.”

     What if I told you that God is nothing like what you probably thought He was? 

    Yes, God has different characteristics just like humans do. He flipped tables in the marketplace and opened up the ground that swallowed more than 100,000 people in one moment. Yet, He also looked at His people with compassion and wanted to gather them up under His wings like a mother hen. 

    There are many unique aspects of God, just like you and I have many parts of us, but the most beautiful aspect of God is His unconditional love and grace. The beauty of that love and grace is that it’s extended to you today. The question is, do you even want it? 

    What in the world do I mean by this unconditional love and grace? 

    Here’s what I mean. There’s a perfect man, a God-the Only God, who came from His heavenly throne to die for you. You didn’t know him. You may never have seen or wanted Him. You may not even have heard of Him or heard from Him. You may never have felt Him. He came down, lived a perfect life, set the best example of what obedience and faithfulness to the Father looks like, and then went on the cross to pay for your sins and to set you free. 

    If that is not love that you and I want to pursue desperately, I don’t know what else is.

    Is that enough love, for you and I to lay down our lives and say, “Jesus, I want nothing except you, though?”

    I want you to imagine saying, “Jesus, I don’t want anything in this life except for you. I’m sorry for wasting so much time and energy living without you. When I look at the cross, you’re not there anymore. When I look at the tomb, you’re not there anymore. You rose again, and you’ve ascended to heaven, and you’re preparing a place for me. That’s how much you love me Lord! No one else has loved me so unconditionally!”

    Dear believer, that IS how much Jesus loves you! I just want you to imagine that. And then I want you to ask yourself, “Is that a love I still don’t care about? Is that a love I still don’t want to pursue wholeheartedly? Is that a love that’s still not enough for me?” Think about that…