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  • Dear Slavic Christian, are you ready to change?

    For you to receive healing in therapy, your desire to change must be greater than the desire to stay the same. 

    What does this mean exactly?

    It means that you must come to the end of your comfort, fear, familiarity, and desire for control to receive the freedom that you’re longing for. 

    Many clients come to therapy with the desire to change, but once we begin to explore the triggers that brought them to rock bottom, many recognize, “I’m not willing to let these triggers go and cope differently. Fear and control have been my closest companions, and I don’t know what life would look like if I were to accept myself and trust someone again. Maybe I will get hurt, rejected, or betrayed-I’d rather not risk feeling the pain.”

    All of these feelings and fears are normal for my clients. 

    The next question I ask is, “Who would you be if your identity wasn’t found in being afraid?”

    Many say, “I don’t know. This is the way I’ve done it up to this point. I can’t imagine a different way.”

    I like to encourage them by saying, “Imagine a life where instead of fear, you experienced peace. Instead of being rejected, you felt acceptance. Instead of bitterness, you experienced love-who would you be then? Are you willing to trust me and take the risk of discovering the possibilities of this kind of life?”

    Typically one of two things happens. My clients either choose to move forward with the step of faith and heal their wounds so they can have these beautiful new experiences, or they stop coming to therapy because they’re not ready for change yet. The latter is a very normal response that requires compassion and care. If a client is not ready to let go of their pain and defenses, it might take them either getting worse to come to the end of themselves or a different season of life to prepare them to trust the process. I value both. 

    Those that choose to follow the desire to change more than the fear of staying the same see incredible results. Strongholds are broken down, generational curses and cycles of pain end, trauma, abuse, rejection, abandonment, hopelessness, helplessness, fear, anxiety, depression, despair, isolation, victim mindset, all stop controlling my client’s body, mind, and spirit. They discover that there is hope when they let go of what defined them up to this point and are willing to engage in different cycles of actions and thought patterns and take charge of their feelings instead of letting their feelings control them. 

    Dear Slavic Christian reader,  if you’re at a breaking point in your mental health and you’re ready to change, please reach out to me. These skills and messages of hope I help my clients receive can also be yours. God came to give you a life of freedom, mental and physical abundance, and it will be an honor to help you experience that. Give me a call when you’re ready.