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  • Dear Slavic, Christian, are you living out God’s purpose for your life?

    Dear believer, 

    Do you know what God’s plan for your life is?

    What if I told you that His perfect will will continue to unfold in your life as you surrender every part of your life to Him.

    Do you trust and seek His face to be curious about His purpose and will is? Do you want the hope that He offers? Do you want salvation or is going through the motions and saying, “I got this, I’m fine. I don’t need God. I don’t care about his will,” enough for you?

    I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty miserable to me. Truth is, it is not until I surrender daily that I get to know His will- and what is His anyway? It’s for every single human being to accept His love, to give Him that love back in return, and to give it away to the whole world by telling everybody about Jesus.

    That’s it. That’s His will for your life.

    But you will only know that plan if you seek His face wholeheartedly. You will only know if you surrender your will, goals, desires, agenda to Him. This means you’re no longer the boss. You’re no longer in control of your own life. You no longer make your own plans and disregard His opinion. You can no longer live to please yourself but must be willing to learn, to think bigger, and imagine the billions of people around you that are in spiritual, physical, and emotional bondage that need to hear about Jesus. 

    But is that something that you want? Are you willing to no longer be the boss and have another boss that knows what’s best for you? Are you willing to live for something greater than yourself and reap the rewards of eternal joy that satisfies in ways that this world can’t?

    This new lifestyle and mental shift requires so much trust. Do you even want to trust someone besides yourself? Do you even want to give up and give in to Him? 

    ….Or are you still thinking, “You know, I can do this by myself? I don’t need Christ yet.”

    Truth is, the longer you avoid Him, (I can probably guarantee the following) the more miserable your life will be. (If you’ve lived a life apart from Jesus, you may know the hopelessness that I’m referring to here). 

    But it doesn’t have to stay that way. God loves you. He gave up His Son for you. The only thing you need to do is to come to Him at the Cross. Acknowledge you need Him, repent of your sins and accept that love. 

    Are you willing to? Are you ready to? 

    If you answered yes, and need help making that leap of faith, reach out to me. I will guide you to Him. I will help you get to the Cross, where hope, freedom, and healing is found. I will help you secure that faith of His love within you. This life that i have found in Him has been worth the surrender. It has been worth all the joy and love that He promised. I want you to know this relationship life as well.