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  • Dear Slavic, Christian, Accept Jesus into your heart today

    Dear Slavic Christian, dear young man, young woman, teenager, child, older man, older woman, whoever you are that are reading this blog. 

    I want to give you the greatest news I’ve received in my life. That is, “You are never too sinful for God’s love. You are never too broken for His redemption. You are never too far gone, broken, or sick for His healing. You’ve never done enough to not be redeemed.”

    Look at the man on the cross, he was a murderer, he was a thief. He was the worst of the worst. I mean for him to deserve the crucifixion means he sinned bad enough, and you know what? Christ said to him, “Because you believed in me, today you’re gonna be with me in paradise.” 

    Dear believer that has lost faith, dear doubter, dear atheist, dear agnostic, dear Mormon, dear Buddhist, dear refugee, a person of color, different race, nation or tongue-whoever you are on the other side of the screen, God’s love is enough for you. 

    God’s love took me out of the pit that I was in of my own self-righteousness, shame, fear, self-pity, and anger. He took me out and hasn’t looked back since!

    No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, no matter how many times you’ve rejected Him if you acknowledge your need for a Savior now, that’s all that matters.If you turn from your sins and follow Him, that’s all that matters. 

    Dear believer, I want to invite you to acknowledge your need for a Savior. Come to the cross where grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love is found. Think about it, a free life is waiting for you, what would hold you back from taking that leap of faith?

    Dear Slavic, Christian, I am the first to be honest. You see, I’ve lost my faith too many times, I’m been self-righteous more often than I want to admit, I’ve hurt people, I’ve condemned people and I’m convicted for it by the Holy Spirit. 

    Sitting in this seat now of God’s redemption, I understand I had no right to live this way. Moving forward, I want to be so careful about telling someone, “You’re too far for God’s love to redeem you,” God says you’re never too far. 

    So here is that invitation again: God is waiting for you to come to the cross, come into His arms, they are open so wide, HIS ARMS ARE OPEN WIDE JUST FOR YOU. Accept His love today. Accept His mercy and forgiveness today. Bask in a life of freedom, healing, restoration, hope, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and love. All the things that you desire from [sinful, imperfect] humans that will never measure up to how pure and unconditional His love is, you will find in Him. 

    If you have no idea how to do this and want support, please reach out to me. I exist to help people find the love that He has granted to me so freely and want to make it possible for everyone to have it too!