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  • Dear Christian, are you willing to let go of control and live an abundant life in Jesus?

    Fear of change is real-especially if you don’t trust in Jesus and rely on your own strength and understanding to maintain control of your life.

    Fearing vulnerability is quite similar if you fear feeling rejected and denied of human approval.

    You see, being afraid to trust another human becomes a direct struggle to trust God-thus we fear change because we feel out of control, sadly, this feeds the fear of being alone further. 


    So how do we create a change that is worth trusting in? 

    1. Allow change to come as a natural response to developmental life stages

    2. Allow growth instead of choosing to stay stagnant

    3. Allow dreaming and exploration of one’s identity and purpose outside of rigid cultural standards and expectations. 

    But more than anything mentioned earlier, ALLOW GOD IN AND TAKE A SEAT, LET GO OF YOUR FEAR AND CONTROL.

    Imagine if you did that.

    Imagine that as a Christian, you would trust God and believe Him to be faithful, present, and loving like He promises He is. 

    Imagine if you’d let Him lead you instead of trying to do so on your own, what would happen when you did?

    I like to say, “Imagine,” because oftentimes we forget how much better life can be if we would live a little and get out of our rigid patterns of thinking and acting and would let the Holy Spirit guide us to a new state of being. 

    Imagine living in faith instead of fear, what would life look like?

    Imagine knowing God’s purpose for your life and living in it instead of trying to create value in meaningless achievements.

    If you pursued God and loved Him the way He loves you, I can only imagine the miracles you’d start to notice. 

    You see, He wants your life to look like this and more! He wants you to know how much He cares for you and wants you to live in the abundant plan He created you for. 

    But first, there are two steps that you must engage in to live in this fearless, faithful way.

    #1: You must acknowledge that you are a powerless, weak sinner in need of a Savior

    #2: You must accept His love and let it redefine you.

    Why do I mention these 2, particular points?

    Because here, and only here, at the Cross, is where you will recognize just how out of control your life has been and where you will run to the Only Source of Life that exists. 

    Dear reader, I’ve been there. I’ve strived to have power, fame, fortune, strength, and independence, but the more I chased them all, the more I realized just how vain life felt. Sadly, many people chased, and continue chasing these things that lead them away from their value and purpose. The never-ending chase leaves them feeling empty, alone, disconnected, and afraid. 

    What can be done? Only accepting the love of Jesus at the Cross and letting it transform your life. Only then will your life has a vision, purpose, hope, and meaning.