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  • Common Slavic Christian unanswered questions

    Dear Slavic Christian woman, 

    What questions have you asked that weren’t answered, or weren’t answered in the way you were hoping for?

    Maybe you’ve wondered about life after death, or where do babies come from (before social media taught you), or how about what happens to people that complete suicide. Do they go to heaven?

    I’ve had my own questions. I’ve asked pastors, “What would it be like to have a therapist on staff to serve your congregation when you aren’t able to?”

    I was told, “We don’t believe in therapy and don’t want people to be dependent on it. Counseling is not mentioned in the Bible and therefore doesn’t belong in the church” 

    It’s like saying, we don’t need to encourage people to go to the doctors when they’re hurting because we only want them to be dependent on God.

    Sure, that is the goal, but why did God create us with various gifts, skills, and ministries if they’re of no use in the church?

    Here’s another controversial one, “If a woman is unable to conceive or bear a child, is her value before the Lord less than a woman who can? Is she cursed and won’t be saved?”

    No matter what older individual or pastor I’ve spoken to in the Slavic community, the answer was the same: “Your value and salvation come from childbearing because the Bible says so.”

    Is that true though? I thought one’s value comes from believing in the Lord!

    How many people, especially the young generation are asking questions that will not be answered Biblically but based on the cultures’ traditions and religious laws?

    The same applies to having the desire to ask one’s parents questions but hearing invalidating answers that only leave one more confused.

    Sadly, this will continue and the answers will be sought elsewhere because we’re too afraid to seek truth from God and those that were appointed to guide us in leadership roles. 

    …Elsewhere includes peers that aren’t godly, godless literature, and social media that’s fueled by corruption, sin, and misinformation. According to many of my clients, this is the direction that life took them when they didn’t feel safe to ask hard questions at home. They sought to be answered and ended up in the enemy’s turf where he fed them lies that left a detrimental impact. 

    Some stopped believing in God, and other’s stopped trusting their parents to guide them and left home at a young age, only to have severed relationships as the years continued. 

    These problems are so simple to fix with just a bit of God’s truth and validation but as long as we keep shutting down the curiosity of the “least of these,” they will keep looking in places where God didn’t intend for them to. 

    If we don’t start seeking the truth in the Scriptures and teach the next generation that same truth while encouraging them to seek it from God as well, we are making a grave mistake that can cost people their salvation.